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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Physical recreation is a necessary activity for any person undergoing rehabilitation. Apart from all the indoor activities that we provide, at Reawakenings Wellness Center, we take great interest in helping our guests become physically, and mentally strong so that they are capable of being independent again,by going back to,functioning and coping with the realities of everyday life. We help you get back the foundation that will allow you to live a more balanced life by providing you with all the tools necessary.

Why outdoor activities?

Reawakenings wellness center ensures that its patients are given a complete wellness treatment once they pass through the doors. This treatment does not focus only on the rehabilitation and detoxification process but it extends to physical strengthening, mind body and soul. After the body has been removed from such hazardous toxins, it will need time to recover the energy that is lost in the process. By providing outdoor activities, we can help our guests strengthen their bodies to become impervious to toxins and less susceptible to sickness.

Some of the outdoor activities that are available at Reawakenings Wellness center includes swimming, boating, fishing and yoga on the beach. Not only are we trying to help you regain your strength once your body has gone through the rehabilitation process but we are determined to make your recovery process more entertaining and fun.

Other activities

Apart from providing our patients with outdoor activities, we also give them a chance to make them look and feel good as well. On call stylists, manicures, pedicures, haircuts and facial are some of the services that we offer at Reawakenings Wellness Center to help our patients feel good about themselves as they recover from the different treatment programs. These services are provided by appointment only so please make sure you let us know upon arrival of any additional amenities you may require. Additional fees apply for these services

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