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One on One Fitness Training

One on One Fitness Training

Fitness training, exercise and nutrition counseling are at the core of our addiction treatment programs here at Reawakenings Wellness Center. While fitness training for dependents undergoing detox and therapy in most facilities involves taking them to a public gym facility for some exercises, we at the Reawakenings Wellness Center believe in a more personalized and hands on approach.

Equipped with our own state-of-the-art gym as well as our team of trained and certified personal trainers, we provide comprehensive one on one fitness training.

Why is fitness training an integral part of addiction treatment ?

Findings from several researches indicate that depression can be cured by three things solely – by medication, by cognitive behavioral therapy and by exercise. Exercise will make you feel more connected and alive. By exercising and taking care of yourself, you improve your self esteem and the feeling of self worth. Regular physical activity helps reduce stress – one of the primary goals of the addiction recovery program. It also plays a major role in reducing cravings and thus, helps prevent relapsing of the patient during the treatment, the drug detox or alcohol detox phase especially.

Regular exercise is also known to promote the release of endorphins – the chemical substance that positively influences the brain and body by controlling pain, reducing depression, diminishing anxiety, relieving stress and minimizing cravings.

During addiction treatment, recovering addicts often go through a period of low motivation and reduced energy. Exercises like yoga have been known to help practitioners get in touch with their inner peace and find motivation and energy back in life.

Physical fitness training at Reawakening Wellness Center

We at the Reawakening Wellness Center aim at instilling healthy lifestyle practices and training recovering addicts in various self help and self care techniques before they leave our facility. Regular exercise and knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of physical fitness is one such healthy lifestyle practice.

Depending on the addiction that the patient had, his or her personal preferences as well as the expert advice of our trained fitness experts, patients can choose between several types and forms of exercises. Depending on where you are with your treatment, you can practice yoga, kayak, bike, play tennis and lift weights.

To ensure the fitness regime matches your lifestyle and individual health requirements perfectly, we give you your own personal trainer. The trainer will connect with you, learn about your addiction, the lifestyle that you’re trying to get back to and other related details before charting up an exercise routine, a diet chart and an overall fitness program to ensure that your emotional and physical well being is maintained even after leaving our facility.