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A mother’s joy begins when a new life is stirring inside

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“A mother’s joy begins when a new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.” -Unknown

The Forgotten Mom is a program specifically designed for expecting Moms who are battling with alcohol and drug addiction. Using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco during pregnancy exposes not just the woman but also her developing fetus to the substance and can have potentially deleterious and even long-term effects on exposed children. While addiction impacts the lives of those who are battling with the disease, it also impacts the lives of their loves ones as well.

Unfortunately, for woman who are pregnant, the unborn baby suffers tremendously. The staff at Reawakening’s Wellness Center is proud to support and step forward to address the challenges for Mother’s and her unborn child. Reawakening’s Wellness Center is one of the few detox centers in South Florida that offers a treatment and detox program for pregnant women. If you’re pregnant and using drugs such as heroin or abusing opioid prescription pain killers, it’s important that you get help for yourself and your unborn baby. Let Reawakening’s Wellness Center help you and your baby turn over a new leaf.

We are a proud partner of Lake Haven Recovery Center who also supports the Forgotten Mom initiative.

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