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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

At Reawakening Wellness Center, we believe in making addiction treatment and recovery as easy for you as possible. During withdrawal, detox and treatment the body goes through intense, often painful chemical changes that may break the spirit of the recovering patient.

A soothing, healing and rejuvenating massage at the hands of our trained and certified professionals is the difference between a taxing addiction treatment and one that goes by relatively easily.

The therapy of touch

Skin is the largest and most sensitive of the five sensory organs. It is the primary sense organ that we, human beings use to collect information from the external environment and transfer it to our internal selves. Massage therapy works on this principle of touch.

The healing touch of massage therapy uses the skin as the primary method of translating the intent and positive vibe of the therapist to the patient. According to scientific researches carried out at the Touch Research Institute in Miami, some of the positive effects associated with massage therapy include reduced physical pain, decreased auto -immune response, increased alertness, increased performance and better immune response to name a few.

These effects are in coherence with the fact that a well administered massage reduces the level of stress hormone cortisol in the blood stream. Additionally, massages are instrumental in activating the release of dopamine, a chemical component responsible for pleasure and feeling of overall wellness. During the withdrawal and recovery phase especially, the dopamine reserves in the blood stream become extremely low till the brain learns to adjust with lower levels of the addictive substance in the blood stream. This leads to patents getting depressed, losing motivation and often relapsing to the old habits.

The utility of massage therapy in addition treatment

The nurturing touch of massage caters to the physiological as well as spiritual component of recovery form drug or alcohol addiction. All three phases of addiction treatment – the painful withdrawal phase, the extremely taxing detoxification stage as well as the challenging abstinence phase.

Administering massages at each stage of the addiction treatment helps in reducing the anxiety and agitation stage that recovering addicts go through especially during the withdrawal phase of drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Massages are also known to aid in detoxification phase by reducing depression and cravings. Occurrences of relapses during detoxification are known to be fewer in cases of patients who receive massage therapy as part of their treatment procedure.

** Additional fees may apply for services, and by appointment only. Fees for services such as, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy **

Massage Therapy in Drug Detox

Massage Therapy