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Reawakenings Wellness Center: Postive Healing = Positive Results

Addiction Ends With Us! Let us help you start healing.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction are serious problems that are not only dangerous for you, but your addiction also affects your family and loved ones.  There is no better time than NOW, to put a permanent end to this addiction. It is time begin a new chapter in your life – it’s time to Reawaken your soul, and turn a new leaf. Reawakenings Wellness Center, has an individualized approach for treatment that involves eastern and western philosophies. Addiction is often affected by many external influences. Our top-notch physicians and counselors believe in treating the body, mind and spirit, and not just the addiction.

Reawakenings Wellness Center is one of the few rehab centers that is fully equipped with  5 star state-of-the-art living accommodations, holistic approaches to detoxification, and one on one personalized care recovery, all of which you deserve. Our caring and professional staff provides unsurpassed essential care for Reawakenings residents every step of the way, as they make their transition through rehabilitation.

Breaking through the bonds of drug and alcohol addiction and finally freeing yourself to live the life that you’ve always wanted, is possible at Reawakenings Wellness Center.

Our “Best of the Best” philosophy puts Reawakenings in a class of its own:

  • Best of the Best Doctors: Our experienced doctors not only specialize in substance abuse for 35+ years but they have exclusive certifications in internal medicine, pain management, cardiology, anti-aging, and psychiatry. Our dedicated doctors and therapists will assist and help you uncover the deep underlying issues that contributed to your addiction in the first place, while healing your mind, body and spirit along the way. The comprehensive approach we use, deals with your physical health issues and your mental health issues, to help heal your addiction.
  • Best of the Best Personalized Programs: We know people heal at their own pace. Our counselors and doctors are here to encourage you toward recovery. We are here to aide you in a thoughtful, careful way. We work with each guest at their own level and pace of willingness to change.
  • Best of the Best Family Care: Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that not only shatters the life of the drug addict or alcoholic, but it devastates the lives of family and loved ones. At Reawakenings each guest is treated, and  in addition we offer a unique approach to helping your family and loved ones understand the complexity of addiction.
  • Best of the Best Treatment and Activities: Our unique personal approach in creating treatment programs includes combining intensive one-on-one therapy, physical activity, and nutritional support of holistic methods, from yoga and massage to acupuncture. We customize your treatment to help you heal in way that works for YOU.
  • Best of the Best Facilities: Nestled right on beautiful lake in Sunny South Florida, Reawakenings will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. We know fighting substance abuse and alcoholism is a challenge, so we want you to be in a comfortable, private, and safe setting. We cater to the needs of our residents. Your stay will be free from outside stress and we will teach you an effective way to live and help you change your lifestyle to be free from your addiction.