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Gourmet Cuisine

Nutrition plays an important role in drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, and in ones total health. Any form of drugs or alcohol release several different toxins in the body that causes the biochemistry of a person to change. This will prevent many organs of the person from functioning efficiently. In many cases, the dependents end up losing several vital nutrients from their body and this can lead to several other diseases and medical conditions because of the nutrient deficiency.

A vast majority of treatment facilities often prescribe chemical supplements to satiate the deficiency of these nutrients. These synthetic nutrients are prepared by isolating chemical compounds to mass produce the desired form of nutrient. While this can definitely provide the nutrient to your body, the proportion may interfere with other nutrients you obtain naturally from food and this may not be enough for your body. If you are overloading yourself with an excess of a particular nutrient, this can lead to an imbalance in the body and some health conditions too. As a result, the best way to obtain the desired nutrients you need for your body is to consume it naturally and that is exactly the purpose of the gourmet cuisine at Reawakenings Wellness Center.

Our approach to heal and nutrition

Nutrition is one of the key aspects that plays an important role in the complete recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. At Reawakenings Wellness Center, you do not have to worry about any of your nutritional needs as we offer a fully equipped 5-star gourmet kitchen at your disposal. The kitchen is staffed by well known Executive Chef Rafael, who along with, his sous chefs caters to the dietary needs of all the dependents The chef can prepare a wide range of assortments inspired by cuisines from all over the world. We also make use of naturally available fresh ingredients to inspire a healthy lifestyle among all those who consume the food. All the food prepared in our gourmet kitchen makes use of locally available fresh and seasonal produce. By providing the resources near local farms, we make sure all of our ingredients are fresh and available daily.

A choice of gourmet

At Reawakenings Wellness Center, you would be provided with your choice of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner through a daily menu that would be prepared based on your specific needs and preferences. This menu will also include specialized meals that are targeted towards your nutritional requirements. Our chefs can cater to any special dietary requirement and still provide you with excellent food choices. You can also choose to have gourmet snacks at anytime of the day.

Gourmet Cusine Gourmet Cusine Gourmet Cusine