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Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is a very serious problem that can leave your life in ruins if not dealt with effectively and in due time. The best way to do this is to enroll yourself into a comprehensive drug rehab program. Reawakenings Wellness Center is located in sunny south Florida. Our programs make use of a variety of medical detox procedures and psychological therapies to help any person dependent on drugs, overcome their addiction and live a well balanced life, that is completely free of any drugs.

Our drug rehab center at Reawakenings Wellness Center is among the few eminent rehab centers across the world that offer a unique luxury ambiance along with top notch client care services for your convenience. We treat every guest that enrolls for a rehab program at our facility as an individual with unique needs that need to be addressed through a customized treatment plan. We use a highly personal and revolutionary one-on-one treatment approach to combat drug addiction at our facility.

Addiction treatments at Reawakenings Wellness Center

A complete rehabilitation program ensures that the dependent is fully ready to face society and combat the temptation to consume drugs. For best results, a drug rehab needs to focus on the type of drug the dependent consumes. If a dependent consumes a combination of drugs, then the rehab will be highly complex and includes a combination of treatment procedure that address a specific drug. Our clinicians are proficient in treating a variety of drug uses, including marijuana addiction, heroin addiction, MDMA or Ecstasy addiction, cocaine addiction, opiate addiction, methamphetamine addictions and any other form of street drug abuse.

Drug addiction can lead to the dependent developing a tolerance towards these drugs. As a result, the dependent will have to consume a higher dosage of the drug to feel the same intoxicating effects thereby causing addiction. When an individual stops consuming the drugs, the person undergoes excruciating pain and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that include, physical pain, nausea, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, cold flashes, insomnia, profuse sweating and much more.

These symptoms are treated using a drug detox protocol. The symptoms can be very life threatening if the dependent does not receive comprehensive detox treatment. At Reawakenings Wellness Center, your detox treatment will be conducted in a professional manner with around the clock supervision from medical experts, and staff. This will be followed up with a comprehensive one-on-one psychological treatment to effectively combat the addiction. Call our toll free number at (855) WAKE-NOW for a confidential, one on one consultation and one of our trained professionals will help you through the process.