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Drug Detox Programs

At Reawakenings we understand that detoxing off of drugs can be a stressful experience for the body and mind. Reawakenings Wellness Center offers drug detox programs that fit your individual needs, including prescription drug detox, heroin detox, and alcohol detox. We are able to safely implement alcohol detox, drug detox, and detoxing for pregnant women. We provide a medical and therapeutic personalized plan for each client. At Reawakenings we understand that each client will have different drug histories and different reactions to medications provided for the detox. Each client will meet with a medical director to discuss their individual needs to ensure the most comfortable detox program for them. Our 24 hour nursing staff ensures you or your loved one will be provided with a safe, comfortable drug detox environment. Our clients can expect top notch progressive care during their customized detox program.

We offer a combination of holistic, therapeutic groups and a one on one time with a therapist, nurse, and psychiatrist. We believe that the body as well as the mind needs to heal in order to promote continued recovery. Reawakenings offers access to a gym, nutritionist, and a full range of homemade smoothies to promote a healthy healing environment. Our caring staff and innovative holistic detox program approach will ensure you or your loved one has a solid base for the sometimes rocky recovery journey.