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Drinking and Motherhood: Dangerous Combination That’s Become An Epidemic

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Drinking and Motherhood:

A Dangerous Combination That’s Become An Epidemic

It’s around 4:00 pm on a weekday afternoon and while their children frolic in the

other room, a group of moms — gathered together for an after-school play date —

pop open a bottle of wine. What could go wrong?

Turns, out, quite a lot. For more and more young mothers, what starts out as

seemingly innocent social drinking soon spirals into the dark, isolated world of

alcohol abuse. And before they know it, they’re not just having a glass or two with

friends, but drinking alone — late into the night or even into the next morning —

because they’ve lost the ability to stop.

At first, writer Stefanie Wilder-Taylor joked openly about how drinking

helped her cope with the stress of new motherhood, even penning two humorous

books about it entitled Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay and Naptime Is the New

Happy Hour. But her playful habit soon turned into a dangerous dependence. Before

long, Wilder-Taylor says she was drinking on a daily basis.

"I woke up one day and I was like, 'I'm hung over. I have three children. I'm in

my 40s. This ridiculous. I'm a mess, and I need to stop,'" she later said in an


For both her own sake and the sake of her family, Wilder-Taylor knew she

needed help. Bravely, she asked for it. “I think the biggest thing for me was

just…realizing that I can’t do this by myself.”

Since sharing her story, Wilder-Taylor has received a tremendous outpouring

of support from the parenting community, including countless other women battling

the same issue. Out of embarrassment and shame, too many of them stay quiet.

Like Wilder-Taylor, however, the crucial first step is to stop hiding the

problem and seek professional assistance. A few weeks at top-of- the-line treatment

facility like Reawakenings Wellness Center can make all the difference when it

comes to helping a struggling mom regain her health. And while the idea of being

separated from her family for a short period of time may sound painful and

daunting, the payoff is returning home as the parent and partner her family


At Reawakenings, we not only help our patients stop their drinking or drug

abuse, we get to the root cause of how and why it started in the first place. Through

both individual and group therapy, we’ll help her understand the reason she turned

to substances to cope — which is key in preventing the same behavior from

reoccurring once she’s home. We also offer family therapy and a flexible visitation

schedule at our facility near the warm beaches of Miramar, Florida.

Taking the time now to address drinking or drug use that has grown out of

control can mean a better quality of life for everyone involved. If you are a mom or

know one who’s in trouble, reach out to Reawakenings now.

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