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Community continues to raise drug addiction awareness

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) As the number of drug related deaths in Broome County continues to rise, the community continues to spread awareness.
Cardboard tombstones returned to downtown Binghamton Wednesday night for another awareness walk, to once again bring attention to opioid addiction in Broome County.
“We want people to know how prevalent this problem is, so they can look within their own family and see if they might need some help,” Founder of Truth Pharm, Alexis Pleus, said.
Truth Pharm is a local non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families and spreading awareness about drug addiction.
Those who have lost loved ones to a drug overdose walked around the Broome County Courthouse holding a picture of the one they lost.
The marchers eventually stopped in front of the Broome County Office Building, where they outlined their bodies with chalk, representing the ones they lost.
In each outline, people wrote information about the person, including their name, age and memories they shared.
“It’s nice to show people who never got to meet him exactly what he was and who he was before all the drugs took,” Endicott resident, Amber Novak, said.
Last week the same addiction walk took place. Hiowever, marchers say a county employee washed the images away a half hour after the bodies of loved ones were drawn.
The community returned Wednesday night as a message of solidarity.
Action News tried reaching out to the county for comment but we haven’t received any response.
Regardless, marchers say the outlines should remain until they are washed away naturally, as a memorial for those lost.
“It’s just wrong,” Binghamton resident, Corky Clark, says. “I don’t see what’s the big deal. Why can’t they just leave them here for the honor? Why do they have to wash it off like dog poop?”
Truth Pharm, as well as those who lost loved ones say they will continue to recreate the memorial every Wednesday.
“We’re going to keep showing them that our loved ones matter and they should matter to the entire community,” Pleus said.

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