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Clyde A. Thompson, Personal Fitness Trainer

Clyde A. Thompson, is a master personal fitness trainer with over 15 year’s experience. Mr. Thompson is a 5th degree black belt, certified personal trainer and a certified Haganah (Krav Maga) instructor and an avid Vegetarian.

Reawakening Wellness Center takes every measure possible to aid in the recovery process of detoxification and treatment. An addicts body can be gradually affected by the impact of all these chemicals and the body slowly will change in it’s physical characteristics. Therefore, we at Reawakening Wellness Center firmly believe that, “your body is your temple”.Physical fitness results and nutritional evaluations do not only help with your external appearances, but they create a healthy inner mind, body, and soul.

Mr. Thompson possesses exceptional interpersonal communication skills and a genuine care for our clients. He helps to motivate each guest towards a positive path to recovery while incorporating care, education and the push they need on a mental level. His one on one coaching, guidance and relationship with clients have made tremendous changes in their lives.

Clyde is an integral part of the Reawakening way and a great addition to our family!