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Andrew Berg

Mr. Berg was first exposed to the benefits of music therapy in the 1990’s after viewing a benefit for Nordoff – Robbins on television. While attending junior college, Andrew gained experience working with children with developmental delays and his interest in the music therapy field began to grow.

In 1999, Mr. berg decided to continue his education and began his journey in this relatively new field while attending Illinois State University. After completing his internship with the psychiatric population, he began his professional career providing music therapy interventions at a private agency in central Illinois. Throughout his career, Mr. Berg has experiencing service a wide variety of populations including hospice, geriatrics, substance abuse, and a wide variety of developmental populations, including Down’s Syndrome and Autism.

While residing in Wisconsin, Me. Berg served as the internship supervisor at Trinity Village from 2008 – 2010. He also became a sought after music therapist in the state of Indiana while providing services for folk under the Medicaid waiver.

Recently, he decided to relocate to South Florida to serve clients with chemical dependency needs while providing interventions. Mr. Berg possesses several years of guitar experience and enjoys playing professionally on occasion. He continues to enjoy providing interventions for most populations surrounding music therapy and remains passionate about his field. Mr. Berg is currently a member of the AMTA mentor program and enjoys staying connected with other music therapy professionals.