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Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances in the world. It can have a devastating effect on your mental, as well as physical health, and leave your family, as well as social life, in tatters. The most effective way to combat alcohol addiction is through an effective alcohol rehab program. At Reawakenings Wellness Center, we offer comprehensive and comfortable rehab services for alcohol addiction. Our treatment procedures are unique and focus on your special needs. Our holistic treatment approach makes sure that you can get out of your crippling addiction and lead a well balanced and sober life as quickly as possible.

About our alcohol rehab program

A typical alcohol rehab program at Reawakenings Wellness Center begins with a comprehensive detox program that rids your body of all the harmful toxins that may have accumulated from drug abuse. The detox programs makes sure that you are free from the devastating side effects and withdrawal symptoms from alcohol addiction. Common withdrawal symptoms may include certain dangerous conditions such as seizures, tremors, muscle fatigue and so on. Our intensive inpatient program (IIP), will address any life altering aliments. As a result, it is very essential that a detox treatment take place under the supervision of trained medical professionals. Besides, a detox program at our facility will also make sure that you will not experience much discomfort due to the withdrawal symptoms. What follows a detox program is a holistic rehab treatment that includes several different therapies to address every single issue a dependent may have.

A holistic approach to alcohol rehab

We believe that every addiction has a deep underlying cause which can be treated to effectively stop the dependency on drugs. When you enroll yourself for a comprehensive treatment, you will be assigned to a team of therapists, nutritionists, administrators and physicians who will work with you towards identifying and treating your problems. In addition to this, you will also be provided with ample opportunities for self empowerment through education and also recreation. Our holistic approach also includes highly nutritious gourmet food rich in natural supplement essential for a quick recovery. You can also take best advantage of yoga, tai chi and a host of other wellness programs to enhance your health.

If you or a loved one has been struggling with alcohol abuse and wishes to take control of the disease, look no further. Your addiction ends with us. Call our toll free number at (855) WAKE-NOW for a confidential, one on one consultation and one of our trained professionals will help you through the process.