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Airport Pick Up & Drop Off

Airport Pick Up and Drop Off

Reawakening Wellness Center, prides itself in making our guests feel comfortable for the duration of their stay. While you are here, before you even arrive ,our treatment center will do everything to make sure you have a comfortable stay. There are three major airports in the vicinity: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), Miami International Airport (MIA) and West Palm Beach International Airport (PBI).

While Fort Lauderdale and Miami International are about 20 miles away from the South Florida rehab facility, West Palm Beach International Airport is over 60 miles away. This journey can be quite tiring, so we make sure that you are chauffeured to the center. Transport charges are all inclusive. We make sure that it is easy for guests to visit us from all parts of the globe.

Facilities provided at the center

Reawakening Wellness Center provides you with chauffeured cars while you reside within the facility. The location is great because it is easily accessible from any of the three major airports around it. Join us, by turning over a new leaf. We are here to assist you in taking your life back.

The facility has an in-house gym, great gourmet food and a very peaceful environment. The concierge service that picks you up is only a sign that your stay will be worth your while, and we take pride in taking care of you. Enjoy a peaceful stay with us at the facility. You will have your own spiritual counselor who will provide private sessions.

Dealing with alcohol and drug addiction

While under our care, you will be able to calm your body and mind and start rebuilding your ideal life without having to worry about external factors, and focus on your recovery. The time you spend here is for you alone, because it is only you that can control your destiny with our guidance you will be able  to come out of the dangerously deep fall you may be heading towards. At reawakenings our Drug detox and alcohol detox programs out of South Florida will help you empower yourself.

Your stay here will benefit you in many ways. We don’t just focus on your detoxification, but also on your overall outlook on life. With a positive attitude, and the right lifestyle, you will find that you will be the one in control of the things that happen to you and around you. With a clear mind, our community based program, and long term care,and support from your loved ones, and your sponsor, we can collectively battle your recovery, and help you turn over a new leaf ™. If you want to know more about our luxury facility, and lifestyle and amenities contact us at (855) WAKE-NOW.