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Zen Room

Zen is a part of Mahayana Buddhism that developed during the 6th Century in China. The philosophy of Zen quickly spread all over Vietnam, Korea and Japan quickly after that. The word “Zen” has been derived from a Chinese word which when translated means meditative state. Zen began as a way of meditation that emphasized on enlightenment and as a form of expression of Buddha’s teachings. Modern Zen is an amalgamation of the teachings and philosophies derived from all the parts of the world where Zen spread initially and is heavily influence by the Japanese schools.

Zen in the west

It is not exactly known about how Zen philosophy spread to the western world. It is often said that when a Japanese Zen monk by the name Soyen Shaku visited Chicago for the World Parliament of Religions the West became aware of the philosophy of Zen. Soon, many Westerners began pursuing Zen and Japanese Zen became an extremely popular form in the West. Several books were also published that contributed for the growth in interest of Zen in West.

Zen meditation

Meditation is the central pillar of Zen and is considered as a process of self discovery. It is for this reason that Zen meditation has gained popularity. At Reawakenings Wellness Center, our Zen room is designed specifically so that all our guests can go through a process of self discovery. Zen meditation is usually practiced by sitting in the lotus position and observing the breath. A person practicing this form of meditation would observe their breath by counting or merely watching it. This is a process that can calm your mind and help you to relax. Another form of Zen meditation includes observing the mind. This is can be achieved when a person practicing meditation simply observes the thoughts, the ebbs and tides of the thoughts in the brain are allowed to stream through as you observe.

At Reawaeknings Wellness Center, we offer all our guests free access to a Zen room that has been designed specially to portray an atmosphere that soothes and calms the mind. You can visit our Zen room to relax your mind and body by taking a break from your day-to-day stress. The Zen room ambiance is designed to provide a calm and soothing feeling with light Zen music playing in the background. You can sit on our cloud like seating with your feet up and relax in the tranquil serenity of the Zen room, part take in a yoga class or receive a massage from our therapists.