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Today marks my seventh day of being clean and sober. This sin't my first attempt at sober living, however, my time at Reawakenings has fortified me with tools necessary to succeed. Group therapy, physical excursions and gourmet dining have reinvigorated my zest for life.

The hopeless feeling I had upon arriving at Reawakenings has been replaced with hope and enthusiasm for my new future. The love and care i've experienced from the staff at Reawakenings has made a profound impact on my turn-around. I've felt like family, not a patient.

Rohan From Connecticut
My stay here at Reawakenings has been outrageously amazing! It is, by far, the best rehabilitation facility that i've ever attended. The food is out of this world and very healthy for us too. The staff made me feel so at home and they were very hard workers.

The trips we took to the bowling alley and to the zoo, were so fun and a great experience. I couldn't have asked for anything better. You guys provide us with so much entertainment and make me feel so appreciated and loved.

Ryan C. From New Jersey
Today, I am glad to say I am sober and drug free, and happy! I never thought in a million years that I would be saying this. I owe it to Reawakenings! They called me patient zero, because I was their very first patient. The staff engulfed me with so much love and care and I truly needed that. The staff never made me feel like a patient! They made me feel like I was their friend! I established lifelong friends here.

The food is unbelievable here. Chef Rafael is amazing; he decorates the plates and cooks food to perfection. As for the groups, I felt as if everyone was comfortable enough to share and discuss the problems they have been having. The therapists are so nice and accommodating, not once did I feel like they were getting annoyed with me. I feel they personally want to be here and help. I have been to other rehabs and the love I feel here doesn't amount to all the other rehabs put together!

Clyde, the personal trainer, has amazing workouts. He takes all of us outside and does what is called circuit workout, which I am already seeing results. The rooms are cleaned everyday by the wonderful housekeeping staff. They leave little chocolate Hershey Kisses on your pillow. I truly believe, without a doubt, that Reawakenings saved my life.

Last, every weekend the group voted on which activities to do. We went bowling, to the movies and to the zoo. They always want to hear new ideas and what they can do to make you happy! I personally love and appreciate all of the staff from the bottom of my heart and will always love them!

Kathryn S. From Florida
I am so glad that Reawakenings is here for me and my recovery. Since arriving, I find the staff very available and caring. Accommodations and food are top drawer! Rooms are very comfortable and always kept clean daily. The outside activities are always fun and brings the group together.

I have found that Clyde, the personal trainer, is amazing and I can see results already in my short time here. Also, they allowed me to host my own yoga class, which I was very thankful to be able to share with others. I believe that Reawakenings is giving me the chance to turn my life around and enable me to enjoy my blessed life!


G. Michael P. From Aruba