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This poem is being written
to let you know, you're the best,
your head stands out above the rest!!

One meets only once in awhile, a physician such as you,
How fortunate it was us, it happens to so few!
You're not just a doctor, you're also a friend,
caring and loyal to the very end.

For years I floundered with illness,
Just couldn't find a place,
Until fortunately, how lucky, I found your smiling face!

We had our "ups" and "downs", you did all you could do,
You kept my spirits up as well, I depended on you,
You are always supporting whatever I may lack,
And never do you ask for anything back!

As a physician everyone knows you're really so great,
On that there's no one can ever debate,
All you patients and of course, me too,
Just shower you with the love only because "you're you".

Young or old, rich or poor, you have never changed,
You help all walks of people, no matter what the range.
You're appreciated by people near and far,
And we all count on you to be the great person
and doctor you truly are!

You're a physician so unique, good character and such,
No wonder we all love you so very much,
As our world changes and it certainly has now,
we have to continue to have doctors like yourself,
To help us go on with our lives somehow.

So just a message, that we hope you will treasure
To be a patient of yours, is always a pleasure,
You've done everything you could possibly do,
No wonder so many people depend on you.

There's nothing else we can say that hasn't been said
Over and over before,
Nothing really except we'll say it again,
But mean it even more!

Thank You!!!

Randy & Miriam B.
I completed my detox at RWC. During my stay, the staff was always professional and provided top notch care. The chef and his staff prepared an incredible plate at every meal. It was very refreshing to go off grounds to the Florida State Parks with Clyde.

If you are seeking a comfortable detox, in a beautiful and relaxing environment, I would suggest RWC.

Jeff G.
My name is Craig and i'm an absolutely low bottom, 49 year old, drug addict, who became hopeless and broken mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and in every other way imaginable.

No one was willing or capable of helping me. I truly believed that I damaged my body so badly due to my drug use, that I was beyond help and I would never be able to get clean. Absolutely Hopeless! Until I was blessed and given the biggest gift I ever had in 49 years. I was introduced to the detox and treatment center named Reawakenings Wellness Center in Miramar Florida.

I could tell you about all of my overdoses, waking up in I.C.U. with respirators down my throat, black outs and car accidents, but you definately don't have enough time to read about that, so let me just mention my last 4 years of using, although i've been getting high for thirty years. The last four years on the methadone clinic 130mg daily and taking 20mg of benzos every day. I was an absolute walking mess and 100% broken physically, mentally and spiritually.

When I reached out to Reawakenings Wellness Center in Miramar Florida; I didn't believe for one second, that I could get clean or that I they would be able to help me. God was I wrong. My experience was great from the very second I got to Reawakenings Wellness Center. I was treated with dignity and I was never judged, in fact the complete opposite happened. The staff at Reawakeneings Wellness Center welcomed me with open arms when no one else wanted me, including myself.

I hated myself and truly wanted to die, but from the minute I got here, I felt like I was in the right place, but still felt doubt that they could help me physically, because of my thirty years of active addiction and the unbelievable amount of drugs I was on. Thank God I was wrong. The medical staff and doctor was so patient with me that I was on detox medication for 21 days, which is unheard of and they kept telling me to be patient with myself even when I thought I couldn't make it another day. If it wasn't for their understanding knowledge of addiction and empathy, quite frankly, I never would've gotten clean.

After about 10 days when I was actually able to see and hear again, all of the help I could possibly need and want, was all around me at Reawakengings. The staff was also able to help me mentally and spiritually, but quite honestly, all I was concerned about was my physical well being, I really sold myself short. The clinical part of my stay was awesome. I got more help that i ever dreamed of. My counselor sat with me whenever I needed to talk and she went above and beyond to help me. I was truly shown unconditional love, even when I hated myself. If all that wasn't enough, Reawakenings Wellness Center has a kitchen staff that literally catered to my personal needs, as well as, every other patient there. They really were concerned about feeding me the right food that would help me feel better sooner, not to mention, the steak and five star meals they feed us.

I have to thank a few people in particular, although every single person at Reawakenings helped me. One that I must thank is the Doctor, because without him, I would have never had a chance of getting clean because of the damage I did over thirty years of using drugs. I want to thank Doctor Jimenez, Farid, Maykelyn, Miguel, Loni, Tom, Rafeal and Clyde. If you go to Reawakenings Wellness Center, I promise you'll know who i'm talking about, but every single person there had a hand in helping me get clean, which I truly believed was impossible, and giving me hope.

For a drug addict like myself, hope that I couldn't get and stay clean and have a good life, is worth more than all the money in the world. I'm 49 years old drug addict that now believes I can stay clean and have a great life. If you should happen to be reading this, please give yourself a break and if you want help from your addiction or alcoholism, please I beg you, call Reawakenings Wellness Center in Miramar Florida, because if a drug addict like me could feel this way, I believe anyone could.

From the bottom of my heart and soul, thank you Reawakenings Wellness Center! Without you, I would've died a slow, miserable and painful death. What a mircle. With all the gratitude in my heart, thank you Reawakenings Wellness Center.

My stay at Reawakenings was excellent and went beyond any expectations that I had.

The staff was extremely helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty, to male my stay as comfortable as possible.

The Chefs provided us with gourmet meals that were designed with the physical needs my body required during my detoxification.

The nursing staff was professional and on call 24 hours a day for any medical needs.

All in all, my stay was comfortable and pleasant. I highly recommend this facility for any person who needs help.

Thank You

Frank P.
During my stay at Reawakenings, I always looked forward and enjoyed working with Clyde.

He was very experienced and extremely helpful in reawakening my body through going over nutrition, kickboxing, Tai-chi and personal custom workouts, that he created for my personal needs.

Working with him was an overall great experience for me.

Austin B.
Ruby I want to thank you for what you're doing for my father. I'm not understating, you're helping us to save his life and for this I'm eternally grateful to you and to Reawakening. I know it's not all said and done just yet but I just wanted to tell you now while I'm still awake that it would be my pleasure to repay your facility in my own way after all this is over. I'm a musician, I've been all around the world, the White House twice...bla bla (I'm not into bragging but since I can't just play the piano and sing for you right this moment) I just want to tell you guys that it would be my absolute pleasure to perform in your facility ANYTIME for your patients and staff, and provide any live music, or any music related anything, absolutely always free till the end of time.

You guys are doing a beautiful thing for my father and I just want y'all to know that I'm very grateful. I'm broke right now, I just turned 20, but real soon I'm going to be somebody, and I'm never going to forget Reawakenings and I will always be doing my best to help you all any way I can, as I become more and more able, both financially, and in many other ways. You guys have my love already, you in particular Ruby dear, THANK YOU.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to send you an a message to thank your center and staff from the bbottom of my heart. My daughter Ashley M. is currently there in your detox program. I wasn't sure when I sent her to Florida to get treatment what was going to happen.

I found a place called Rebekahs Haven and Pablo the owner assured me she was in good hands. I was informed that your center took her in under a scholarship program and I am so blessed that she is there. I only wished that she could actually do an inpatient treatment program because of how bad her addiction is.

I knew if we didn't get help somehow that she would end up dead. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping save my daughters life. God Bless every one of you.

Jodi L.

Thank you for all you and your staff did for my son Ryan. I don't know what the future will be for him, but I do know, he had a friend who cared deeply for him during the two weeks he was at Reawakenings.

You were always answering the phone and talking in y our kind voice, to my wife Dawn and myself. It meant the world when we didn't know what was happening with our 20 year old son, so far away from home.

Only another father could understand how much this and all your actions to care for Ryan meant to me.

God Bless You!

Michael C
Here at Reawakenings Wellness Center, the first thing I liked was the food. The rooms are like hotel rooms, but without the T.V., but they have nice dressers and nightstands. The chef cooks food that looks like it came right of a book and it tastes great!

They are so nice and caring, it's like having a new family. They work on the problem and make sure you're on the right meds. We have groups throughout the day and they show you love and compassion; they even give you hugs. Our rooms and clothes are cleaned every day. They take us to different place; it's great here and their improving everyday and they try to meet all of ours needs. It's the best rehab i've ever been to. This, i'm sure, will be my last one. They work on so much.

Thank You

Linell B. From New York
These past 30 days at Reawakenings Wellness Center, in Miramar Florida, have been a true paradigm of excellence, comfort and health in my recovery from drug addiction. Immediately, upon my arrival, I was put at ease by the caring nursing and administrative teams. They made me feel comfortable, both physically and mentally. The staff has all been exceptionally and unwaveringly professional, courteous and sympathetic to any and all of my needs for the duration of my stay.

The mix of treatment professionals, both in recovery and not, has proven, for me, to be very effective and progressive, in what has been a surprisingly pleasant drug addiction, and furthermore, into my myself in my time here working with the Reawakenings Recovery Team. The therapist run groups are substantial and helpful, the schedule is consistent and thoughtful and the amenities made available to the guests in the program are nothing short of awe-inspiring. The environment they have created here is smart and refreshing. Every window reveals beautiful cascading views of huge lakes surrounding the building. The food is some of the best-tasting (and healthiest) i've ever had the pleasure of eating, with all gluten free menus consisting of fresh local fruits and vegetables and dozens of delicious dishes made right in front of you by their executive chef and his team or cooks.

On the weekends, we guests, typically would sleep in, have a nice breakfast and our morning inspiration meeting, and then embark on the fun little outings we had planned during the week; including friendly tournaments at the local AMF bowling center, trips to the 3D movie theaters, and all day-and of course, all expenses paid adventures at the Miami Zoo. Accordingly, i'm in a far better place now in my life and in my own mind thanks to the help and structure i received, and the unshakeable patience and dedication on the behalf of everyone here at Reawakenings Wellness Center,

Thank You.

Noah B. From Maryland