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“I had a great experience at Reawakenings with great food and friendly staff.”

Cory H.
“Reawakenings was a great Detox experience, the staff were very helpful.”

Nickolas L.
The staff is amazing and more than welcoming. The Structure of the program itself. And I loved the food.

Britney M.
You have a very friendly and caring staff. Really clean environment.

Anthony S.
Great Staff and Great Food

Samuel W.
Great staff, Great food, I was properly medicated, and they make you feel at home!

Sean S.
To the Management & Staff at Reawakenings Wellness Center:

Like so many before, I walked through these doors a broken, tortured soul.  Through your kindness and love, you gave me hope:  For a new life, a new beginning.  You reminded me that I had forgotten who I was.  You have given me the knowledge that Life is brilliant and fleeting, to be held dear and close to the heart.  

You are now a piece of me: A piece I will cherish forever; a piece that will serve as a great and powerful reminder that the Abyss is just but a step away, and the knowledge there are those who bring back the Lost to walk in the Light.  You are among those, the few that have such depth of Spirit.

It is a joy and a privilege to have met you and I hope with all my heart that you grow and change ever for the better, ever helping those in need to find the Peace for which they so often unknowingly search.   You are the Givers, the Saviors of the Lost.  Stand.  Be vigilant and never lose Faith.

As I walk out those doors into a future I never would have known were it not for you, I stand ready to begin the real work.  For, today, I walk out those doors with the greatest gift of all:  Life.

I leave you with this:

"Remember the past and embrace the future.  The present, a Gift.  Live in It.  Revere It.  Rejoice in It.  May the best of your yesterdays be the worst of your tomorrows."  Tim 

With Sincerest Gratitude and Thanks, 


I really enjoyed talking with Chef Rafael. He made me think better about my life, my family and I really appreciate that.

I hope nothing but the best for you chef and Reawakening Wellness Center.

Jose H.
I would like to share my experience at Reawakenings. I flew here scared to death, but the minute I got off the plabe, somebody met me and all my fears went away. When I got to Reawakenings, I was very impressed with how clean and well organized it was. The staff is incredible, they were all so friendly and I felt right at home. It did not seem like a rehab, it was more like moving in with a family that understood my needs and was ready to help. If I forgot to bring something I needed, they made sure I got it.

I am a really picky eater, but the chef prepared the best food. If by some chance I did not like what they were having, he'd fix something that I did like. The kitchen was open at anytime for cereal, fruit and other snack food. Nobody went hungry there.

I was here on Thanksgiving, the chef went overboard. We had every dish you could think of. I felt so thankful for the day. I was one of the best Thanksgiving i've ever had. The warmth and atmosphere was overwhelming.

Reawakenings offers a gym to workout and a great trainer. If you like to paint or draw, they offer art therapy. The art therapist is patient and very talented.

I can honestly say I have enjoyed my stay here and would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to get help. You will not be disappointed in Reawakenings.

Hello, my name is Keith McCants I have been suffering from the disease of addiction for over 22 years. It all started when I was injured and was prescribed pain medication while playing college and professional football for the NFL. Over the years, I have been treated at 15 different rehab facilities, so when it comes to drug rehab I am an expert at recognizing the different levels of care and service.

Reawakening’s Wellness Center in Miramar Florida offers a level of care that significantly puts them on a higher level then all of the other facilities I have been to. From the moment I walked it I was treated with affection care and was able to remain anonymous which was very important to me. The magnificent staff paid attention to every detail. Every guest that was being treated received the quality of care they deserved. All of the staff goes out of their way to help and make sure we are comfortable and dedicate all of their time to make sure we get better and get treatment. Not only did I suffer from drug addiction but I found out that I suffer from sex addiction as well.

The Reawakening’s onsite therapist helped me realize what steps I needed to take to address this addiction and created a program for aftercare through their affiliates for me to have long term care. After my treatment there, they still helped me and always tried their best to remind me that I have a disease and I have someone to support me other than my sponsor. At Reawakening’s they really get to the root of the problem and I have found out that you only can get well if you face your deepest and darkest secrets/problems, and are in a place where you feel safe comfortable and ready to deal with your addiction.

Reawakening’s Wellness Center has proven to be a first class facility, and has gone above and beyond any other facility that I have been to. Over the years I have been to the family in Fort Lauderdale, The Salvation Army in Mobile, I've been to the Betty Ford Clinic in California, I've been to solid rock ministries in Saint Petersburg Florida, Mission of Hope in Mobile Alabama, these are just a few places I have been to for rehab. This message goes out to all of those who are struggling, the families of those struggling, and my fans out there, I have seen this firsthand, and I recommend you call Reawakening’s now to take the first step in this battle.

Keith McCants