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RWC and Select OBGYN South Florida

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We would like to take this moment to introduce our State of the Art , Joint Commission Accredited Facility to select O.B.G.Y.N in South Florida.  We are one of the leading Out of Network facilities in the country to provide Detoxification as well as full treatment during pregnancy for our clients.

Our clinical staff specializes in women’s issues and substance abuse treatment and offers individual family counseling, group therapy, and life skills training on a daily basis.

We offer nonverbal therapy such as recreational, art and music therapy to provide alternative means of self-expression.


Our experienced Nursing staff are all R.N and B.A with extensive knowledge in the field of pregnant woman. They establish an ongoing and supportive nurse- client relationship to make sure that our pregnant woman are comfortable during this hard transition.  We provide a 24 hour monitoring and daily assessment to ensure maternal well-being is optimal.

All factors that affect mother and child are kept into consideration at Reawakening Wellness Center. Therefore, we understand the urge to smoke and for that very reason offer smoking sensation programs available in our facility. All transportation to medical appointments is also provided for our clients safety.

A huge part of our clients well being , focuses on nutrition during pregnancy. Therefore, our Registered Dietitian and 5 Star Chef will help the client  achieve their  nutritional requirements during pregnancy. It prepares the mother to practice a balanced diet during this process.


Our caring staff  provides daily individual sections in which common pregnancy complains such as morning sickness, frequent urination, constipation and heartburn are discussed. It prepares mothers to cope with these issues and the knowledge to understand why it happens.

At Reawakening Wellness Center we believe that a healthy diet can only be complemented by regular exercise catered specifically to pregnant clients. Our physical trainer will create an exercise program that will give the client the strength and endurance to help them handle the physical stress of pregnancy.


In all we are dedicated in making a change in our clients lives. Specially when it involves the life of another human being in this world.

Please consider us for clients that you might have going through this hard ship and rest assured that their well being is our first priority.

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