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Quiet Library

A comprehensive drug treatment often involves detoxification followed by a rehabilitation program. The detoxification therapy would include providing treatment for the withdrawal symptoms and often the dependent may not be able to concentrate on any other activity at this time. However, once the detoxification treatment has been completed, all that the dependent would be required is to attend therapy sessions which do not consume the dependent’s entire day. As a result, the dependent may have plenty of free time which they can spend at our recreational facilities or spend time at the library for some quiet reading.

Reading as a healthy distraction

Reading is an activity that is very useful to every person and it can be a healthy distraction from drugs and other addictive substances. Libraries are considered to be next in importance to schools and universities. Whatever your areas of interest are, our comprehensive library can cater to all of them. From newspapers and periodicals to fiction and non fiction. Our library includes a collection of every genre possible for the benefit of your light reading. We also believe that a library can help build a reading habit which can be very good to keep your self absorbed in your books than the illicit allure of the drugs that brought you to seek treatment.

At Reawakenings Wellness Center, our library is specifically designed and located in one of the quietest regions of our wellness center so that all the guest can enjoy their books in a peaceful atmosphere. The library is also designed specifically to allow maximum natural light into the reading area so that you do not have to strain your eyes. Our library includes a wide assortment of books that can help any person get engrossed and forget about the world around them.

Quiet time at the library

Even if you do not like reading, the library is one of the most silent places on our campus and you could come here simply to enjoy a brief moment of peace. Surrounded by the calm and serene atmosphere, you are certain to find yourself in peace. If nothing else, you could develop a lasting habit that not only helps you combat drug abuse but also makes sure that you grow in knowledge every single day for the rest of your life. If you find something interesting, we have a lease facility so you may also lease the copy to read it later in your room.