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Meditation helps in the holistic healing – the body, mind and soul find peace and solace. In its crudest form, meditation works on three levels – contact meditation that aims at relating self to the present. Awareness meditation to deal holistically with difficult or negative emotions – cravings, depression, anxiety, mood swings, loss of willpower, loss of motivation and so on. And then there is the Buddhist loving kindness meditation for developing positive regard.

At Reawakening Wellness Center, you will benefit form the healing power of professionally guided meditation. We will help you delve deeper into the subconscious mind to uncover deep seated fears and anxieties that cause addictive behavior in the first place. Once you are at peace with yourself and understand your inner motivations, meditation helps come at peace with these mental barriers and also rise above them to a more blissful and peaceful state of mind.

Meditation’s utility in addiction treatment – backed by research

Meditation’s utility in drug and alcohol dependence recovery has been at the core of several scientific researches. Findings from a 2007 study established that recovering addicts who meditated along side receiving treatment for their addiction enjoyed the benefits of stronger and higher levels of coping skills. Meditation also helped them gain an increased awareness of their personal substance abuse triggers – helping them prevent cases of relapse or further episodes of addiction.

Findings from a different peer reviewed study entitled “Drug addiction, love and the higher power” established that prayers and meditation influence the dopamine levels circulating in the blood. They promote a feeling of content and calmness – the same feeling that used to be produced after the former drug use.

Recover faster, recover better with meditation

Meditation not only aids in painless recovery, it also speeds the process up. It packs immediate advantages like reduced stress, diminished anxiety, reduced urges as well as the more long term advantages of stronger will power, regulated heart rate and optimum blood pressure.

When combined with other cognitive methods of therapy like marriage and family therapy, hypnotherapy or psychotherapy, meditation helps addicts withdraw stronger, detox better, recover faster and abstain longer.

Additionally, meditation brings in several psychological benefits including improved concentration, stronger self awareness, improved self knowledge, new found inner peace and also better health. Meditation also helps regulate sleep patterns – a great help in addiction treatment where dysfunctional sleep or the complete lack thereof is common symptom. Ask Clyde our meditation expert our schedules, and set an appointment for one on one sessions.

Meditation in Drug Detox

Meditation in Drug Detox