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Transgender Drug Rehab
In South Florida and across the world, the transgender community is a severely underserved population within our collective population. In 2016, the current prevalence of gender dysphoria – (the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex) was approximately 0.005-0.014% for adult natal males and 0.002-0.003% for adult natal females. Translating into a significantly higher percentage of LGBTQ and transgender community with co-occurring disorders than the heterosexual community. Here are some staggering statistics. It was also reported in 2016 as much as a 40% suicide rate within the transgender community and as much as 20% within the LGBTQ community. About 20% to 30% of the gay and transgender population abused substances compared to 9% of the general population. Which means that addiction is 2 to 4 times higher with a greater risk in the LGBTQ and transgender community than that of the general population. Nearly all research into transgender individuals’ mental health shows poorer outcomes than the general population.

These elements that follow contribute to these staggering rates of suicide and addiction among transgender people.

  • Emotional challenges, such as rejection and isolation, surrounding the process of coming out
  • Fears of physical violence, prejudice and discrimination
  • Strong sense of shame, particularly among those LGBTQ individuals who lack family support
  • Low self-esteem from feeling “different” or not being accepted by friends and family
  • Pressure to fit into the LGBTQ party scene or subculture
  • High rates of depression and anxiety, often prompted by the stigma of being gay
  • Past emotional trauma, often in the form of physical, sexual or verbal abuse
  • Bullying and harassment by peers, especially during adolescence

Reawakening Wellness Center is one of only a handful of facilities in the country that welcomes and puts a heavy focus and emphasis on specifically building effective treatment protocols for the transgender and the LGBTQ community at large to ensure all their medical and therapeutic needs are met. Much like the difference between treating traditional addiction vs treating process addiction, the needs and treatment for the transgender and LGBTQ population are significantly different and without the proper professionals and treatment protocol, the outcomes are often traumatic. Reawakening Wellness Center is committing to both raising awareness about appropriate treatment models for this community and seeing to it that everyone gets the help they deserve.

Awareness and compassion are critical; however, aligning with key organizations and initiatives is Reawakening Wellness Center commitment to serve the dramatically underserved LGBTQ community. Everyone deserves a chance to find their own path and Reawakening Wellness Center is committed to providing the tools necessary for all humans to find their way back to wellness along their journey.