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Paul Tessein – Interventionist


Currently celebrated 30 years of continuous sobriety. Paul is a very skilled and highly successful Nationally Certified Master Interventionist, A Certified Recovery Coach and Relapse Recovery Specialist. In 1987 at the age of 23 Paul was Addicted to drugs and Alcohol. Having created mass destruction in his life Paul was ready to take his own life with a loaded Revolver. With a brief moment of Clarity he turned and seen two pictures of his young sons ages 3 years old and the other 9 months sitting on the TV in his mothers living room. At that moment he said I couldn’t do this anymore! So Paul dialed 0 and spoke to the operator and told her he was dying and was addicted to Drugs and Alcohol. The operator gave him 3 numbers to Treatment centers and he followed the woman’s suggestion and started calling.

March of 1987 Paul entered treatment where he spent 30 days. Once coming out of treatment he found an incredible support system in 12step recovery and started his personal journey. Having so much wreckage to clean up in early recovery the cards were stacked against him to remain clean and sober, financial ruin, homeless, no car, back child support, motor vehicle fines in excess of thousands of dollars the list went on…. But determined he went back to work in the Union where he had worked prior to things becoming so bad. As promised in 12 step recovery things got better for him as long as he didn’t drink or drug. And was willing to follow some suggestions. But here he was faced with another obstacle! Feb 3rd 1988 one month shy of his year Paul was run over on a construction site, leaving him with a serious head injury. Paul was in and out of hospitals for 2 years and during that time he refused any type of narcotics regardless of how bad the pain was. The people in 12step recovery surrounded him during that time and wouldn’t let him go. He often talks about how the fellowship saved his life.

Two years and Four months to the day Paul was released to work again and not to go back to the only work he knew in construction. Paul worked for the Government for the next 22 years. While working there Paul Started taking what he learned in 12step recovery to an entirely different level. At 5 years clean and sober Paul Helped get his first person into treatment. People often ask him why did you decide to help people at 5 years sober? His reply is simple he said I had to learn how to help myself and understand what was wrong with me before I could help another suffering person get into treatment. Paul has spent his entire recovering life helping Men and Women seek a better way of life and along with helping the families understand about this devastating disease. The People lives he has helped range from 24 years clean and sober to 1 day. Having faced so much adversity in his life and remaining clean and sober is a true testament of his commitment to recovery.Paul in 2005 had reconstructive back surgery where he had rods and screws placed in his spine. Once again he took no narcotics and remained sober, 6 months out of that surgery he was diagnosed with Thyroid and lymph note cancer in 2006 where he went under the knife again and refused all pain meds. Having fully recovered he was still working a full time job and helping others. In 2009 Paul founded his first non-profit that proudly is still operating and helping others. 2010 he founded the second non-profit that is currently operating and helping others. Paul retired from the government in New Jersey after serving 22 years and moved to south Florida, where you can find him walking the beach talking to someone about recovery and or at a coffee house or in the comforts of his own home where Paul and his wife Bella live. He often talks about the incredible gifts recovery has given him. His beautiful wife Bella and his two sons Anthony, his daughter Chellsea. Paul has recently become a grandfather, which he says he can’t put into words the amazing feelings he has when he sees her. Paul is known for his toughness and not afraid to walk into any situation with regards to helping someone’s loved one. Paul is by far one of the most caring, loving, compassionate people in the industry today and is loved and respected by many.

Paul continues to hop on a plane or drive when he is called to do interventions. He has helped a very large population of people, Executives, Professional Athletes, Health care professionals, all across the country right down to walking under a bridge in South Florida, doing a hour intervention on a young teenager that resulted in him entering treatment. His passion and dedication for helping people has resulted in thousands seeking detox and treatment over 25 years working in the field.