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Drug Detox

Drug Detox

A comprehensive drug detox is the first step in any drug treatment procedure, irrespective of whether the dependent has been using cocaine, heroin, marijuana, prescription drugs or a combination of these. However, the type and methods used in the detox can vary significantly depending on the drugs or the combination of drugs used but the goal of each drug rehab program is the same – to achieve mental and physical stability.

Getting into a treatment for drug addiction can be very difficult for many dependents. The first few days of the treatment can be very hard as the dependents will need to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. This can also mean physical illness and if the dependent also suffers from a psychological disorder, the detox can be very complicated in such a situation. As a result, mild medication may also be necessary to help the dependents to cope with the withdrawal symptoms and stabilize as quickly as possible.

Understanding drug detox

Drug detox is nothing but a process which flushes out all the harmful toxins accumulated from drug abuse, out of the body. During the process, the dependent is prone to face several withdrawal symptoms and a detox therapy helps address these painful symptoms effectively while also promoting the health and wellness of the dependent. Unlike many other facilities, the detox procedures at Reawakenings Wellness Center, do not approach addiction as a disease. We aim at helping the dependents recover through customized programs and supervised detox procedures that include anti-aging treatments and psychotherapy for a complete mind-body-spirit recovery from drug abuse.

Our treatment therapy will first take you through the medications and into a personalized therapy session that includes healing through behavioral therapy, while addressing the root cause of a dependent’s need for consuming drugs. There will also be group therapy, individual counseling sessions, family therapy sessions, medical lectures and much more to make sure that you do not go back to the harmful lifestyle that you just quit. Our therapy not only addresses drug abuse, but also helps every dependent prepare for their re-entry into the society. This is also one of the reasons why we allow you to practice some elements of your day to day life in your free time. However, these activities would be monitored regularly and would be based on merit.