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Drug Detox for Pregnant Women

Reawakenings Wellness Center is one of the few detox centers in South Florida that offers a treatment and detox program for pregnant women. We pride ourselves in providing a high standard of specialized care for our pregnant clients. Our supportive staff has been educated on the specific needs for this special client..

We are sensitive to the unique needs of pregnant women and understand the combined stress of a pregnancy and detox program can be overwhelming. Our experienced medical director understands the different needs of a detox for pregnant women and believes in a holistic, individualized approach. Our medical staff is trained on how to facilitate the safest pregnant detox programs, from providing the right medications to ensuring all prenatal health needs and gynecology visits are addressed.

Our chef and nutritionist have worked together to create healthy food and smoothies appropriate for a woman on a pregnant detox program. Our therapists, psychiatrists, and support staff are accustomed to compassionately addressing the particular needs of a pregnant woman, during detox. We provide a safe, judgment free environment for the women to comfortably detox, while still addressing their health and therapeutic needs. All pregnant women are monitored closely and surrounded by our empathetic staff to facilitate in providing a relaxing environment for what can be an overwhelming reality.