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Chauffeur Service

Chauffeur Service

At the Reawakenings Center in South Florida, we take great pride in ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients. One of the services that we are happy to provide at our wellness center is our high quality chauffeur service. We do not want our patients to be troubled by the busy streets and angry drivers that are out there on the road. We want them to be in the comfort of a well-driven vehicle when they are traveling from the airport or any other destination to the wellness center and back.

Personal Services

Our Chauffeur service is a great way for our patients to get in and around town with little or no troubles whatsoever. As it is not safe for our patients to operate any heavy machinery when he/she is recovering from a detoxification or rehabilitation process, a chauffeur service comes in handy. Not all of our patients are from South Florida and hence it will be really difficult for any of the outstation patients to go out by themselves into the streets. The Chauffeur service helps these patients get a feel of the area that they are in and it gives them a chance to see the beautiful state. The personal chauffeur service is given to all our patients who are in the position to leave the treatment center in South Florida.

Airport Pick Up and Drop

Patients that are traveling by plane from any part of the country or outside of it can reach the wellness center from the three different airports in the area. Patients that have contacted us in advance with regard to our chauffeur services will be picked up and dropped at any of these three airports – Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Miami International Airport and West Palm Beach International Airport. As these airports are quite far from the wellness center, the Chauffeur service gives patients the opportunity to be safely transported from the airport to the wellness center and back to the airport at the drop of a hat.

These services are provided so that the patients are transported from one place to another without getting into harms way. Patients that are arriving at the West Palm Beach International Airport will have to travel almost 62 miles to reach the detox center in Miami. Thus, the chauffeur service is a great way for such patients to be carefully transported from the airport to the wellness center.