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Art & Music Therapy

Art and Music Therapy

At Reawakening Wellness Center, you do not feel like you are at a traditional South Florida alcohol or drug rehab center. Art and music are ways to let out some things inside you that may be the cause of your addiction. Here, life coaching counselors help you find different ways to express your innermost feelings and emotions.

Art therapy utilizes people’s ability to express themselves through painting, drawing, collages and other artistic mediums. The art does not have to be consciously meaningful. Allowing a free flow of creativity brings out feelings that are deeply embedded in the subconscious mind. Most people are unaware that these are often causal factors to substance abuse. Contact Sharon Lennon about these programs and how it can be helpful.

Holistic therapy in a relaxing environment

Our detox center in Miami gives you a perfect getaway where you can relax your body and mind through holistic therapy. The vision board, a commonly used tool at the Reawakening Wellness Center, is a collage of various different paintings, pictures, phrases and other artwork that reminds you of your own sense of achievement. By constantly focusing on what you want to do with your life, you will certainly find a way to it.

Music therapy is now becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world. Playing an instrument, or even singing, can help bring out a truer version of you, getting past the persona you mask yourself with. Our South Florida rehab facility counselors are trained to pick up on such cues to identify need states and desires that cause you to fall back on substances like alcohol and drugs. Upon request we can facilitate this form of therapy, please ask our clinical director about this therapy.

Dealing with addiction by identifying the root cause

Alcoholism and drug addiction are not diseases, like most facilities like to tell you. Instead, they are simply ego-defense mechanisms that help you cope with certain events in the past or present that you cannot handle. Sometimes, these thoughts are very subjective. In truth it may just be your perception of your surroundings that causes your body to react in such a way.

The hardest part of detoxification lies in identifying the true cause of the issue. Until that is resolved, it is very difficult to get rid of your dependence. Reawakening Wellness center is a lush facility that provides you with everything you need. Here, you can train your mind and body, and get out of the vicious circle you have put yourself through for so long. We would be happy to provide you with more information. Just give us a call at (855) WAKE-NOW.

Art Therapy in Drug Detox

Art Therapy in Drug Detox