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Aliday Baez, Nurse Supervisor

Ms. Aliday Baez started to work in the medical field in 2007 as a Controller of Quality Assessment. The position required skills in reviewing all nurses, therapists and certified nursing assistants patient’s documentation. She provides an optimum review of client’s documentation within the standard of care required to work with A.H.C.A, J.C.A.H.O and D.C.F. Her innovative system, made the documentation process easy, clean and ready to be billed to the insurance companies.

After her first year of work, she was quickly promoted to the Case Manager position where she worked for the next five years and recognized as one of the top performers in her field. In this area of work, she developed experience working as a team with doctors, nurses, social workers and therapist. Her leadership qualities and experience in coordinated care, treatments and formalities dramatically assisted in improving the quality of care provided to clients. Aliday’s implementation of her process assisted in training and shortening the revision of charts, orders and treatments to make a complete and accurate coordination of care that covered all patient necessities.

In 2012, Aliday obtained a position as a staff nurse at Reawakening Wellness Center. As a Reawakening Wellness Center family member she has been given the opportunity to advocate for patients and families that were suffering of addictive disorders, including alcohol and other drugs dependencies. Her vast knowledge in the field has given her the chance in effectively helping every client to safely be treated during the detox process through educating, physiologic and psychological assessment, following individualized doctors orders for treatments, and offering her attentive listening skills to provide the emotional support that our clients need in a healing and holistic environment.