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Addiction: The Difference Between Men and Women

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Addiction: The Difference Between Men and Women

In the early days of addiction treatment, recovery was addressed with a one-size-fits-all approach — the assumption being that men and women experienced addiction and, could, therefore, heal the same way. But as the years went on and addiction grew into an epidemic, research has strongly proven that women experience huge differences in both their addiction and their treatment needs than men.
More often than not, women begin using drugs for different reasons than their male counterparts. Men, studies have shown, usually pick up drugs to cope with social or behavioral problems like career stress or relationship trouble. Women, on the other hand, are usually triggered by emotional or psychological issues like anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder or eating disorders. Stimulant drugs like amphetamines or cocaine, in particular, are widely used by women to manage or control their weight. And while men will often take the initiative to experiment with drugs on their own, women are usually introduced to them by friends or significant others as a form of bonding.
Once addiction sets in, women experience the consequences quicker than men — with their medical and psychiatric health as well as their social and family lives deteriorating at a much faster rate. As despite using smaller amounts for shorter period of time, they’re symptoms are often as serious as men’s by the time they seek treatment.
Which brings us to the topic of recovery. Unfortunately, women are often more reluctant to seek professional treatment than men, citing barriers and responsibilities such as cost, lack of child-care arrangements, work and the stigma of being labeled an addict as reasons not to go. The good news: certain research suggests that women do better in recovery than men, with shorter relapse periods and a greater willingness to ask for help after a slip.
But it’s vital they take that first step and seek treatment. At Reawakenings Wellness Center, we have a recovery program tailor-made to suit the specific needs of female addicts. Located near the warm, serene beaches of Miramar, Florida, we offer a safe, supportive environment where women suffering from addiction can rely on our staff of seasoned, sensitive professionals to help them first understand why they fell victim to drug abuse, then take the necessary steps to recover and reclaim their lives.
In addition to both one-on-one and group therapy, we offer every amenity to nurture a woman’s physical, emotional and mental health needs including medically supervised detoxification, semi-private rooms, chef-prepared meals, a swimming pool and fitness center, art therapy, yoga, tai-chi, meditation, spiritual advisement and more.
If you’re a woman battling drug addiction or you know one who is, please do not hesitate. Call Reawakenings today.

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