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Adam Perlman

Adam Perlman has a passion for helping Clients face inner conflicts and outer struggles with Substance Abuse and Mental Health, so his work as a Case Manager has been a perfect fit.

He has been with Reawakenings Wellness Detox Center exceeding more than a year and has focused predominately in the field of addiction and recovery for many more, contributing what he knows best to others.

Adam is client-driven, focused and has a deep commitment to guide, comfort, and advocate on behalf of the Client for what is in the Clients best interest to support a sober and drug-free lifestyle. He finds resources, sets up referrals, and integrates a variety of formalized services and agencies through Case Management planning to promote stability for necessary medical, housing, education, employment, transportation, and legal assistance while at Reawakenings Wellness Center.

With such a wide range of experience in addiction and understanding “where the client is at,” he is exceptional at building and maintaining strong relations with the referral sources and all types of receiving facilities for the individual Client, facilitates Clients in reaching post-discharge planning goals and supports a smooth transition to the next level of care treatment.

Adam is a great problem solver and works closely to build strong relations with the Clinical, Nursing, and Administrative Staff to provide and ensure our Clients receive the utmost care while at Reawakenings Wellness Center so they will be equip ideally to integrate back into recovery staying clean and sober.