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Five Sober Date Night Ideas

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Five Sober Date Night Ideas

When it comes to dating, nothing loosens two people up like a few cocktails, right? But how well is alcohol really serving you when it comes to new relationships? Sure, it may calm your nerves and relax inhibitions, but it can also confuse things. All too often, you may find yourself wondering the next day if you really meant to kiss that person — or was it just the booze talking? Did you actually like them — or did all those cocktails simply lead you to believe you did?
​Sober dating can be a scary prospect, but it’s also the most honest, direct way to discover how you really feel about someone. So whether you’re in recovery or just trying to figure out if the connection is real, alcohol-free dates are a great idea. No clue where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve come up with five great options!
1) Picnic — Few things are as romantic as a well-planned picnic. If the weather is warm, throw a blanket down and indulge in good food and great conversation. Skipping the wine will allow the two of you to enjoy the afternoon without any blurry side effects. And if it’s cold outside, do it anyway by getting cozy in front of the fire.
2) Hiking or a long walk — Jumpstarting the endorphins is a great way to create energy on a date. Plan a scenic hike that will provide a gorgeous backdrop, which will also give the two of you something to talk about. Chances are, you’ll both work up an appetite, which is the perfect excuse to extend the date for a bite to eat after.
3) Coffee — There are lots of delicious alcohol-free beverages you can enjoy on a date, coffee being one of them. Side up to each other over steaming hot macchiatos or ice-blended coffee drinks and let the conversation flow. Added bonus: you’ll both be extra-alert when getting to know each other.
4) Amusement park – Channel your inner children with an afternoon of rides and games. Grab hands on the roller coaster or hold each other close in the haunted house, then binge on cotton candy and other assorted treats. Without alcohol, you won’t have to worry about getting sick all over your new significant other!
5) Bowling — Is it silly? Yes. Are the shoes hideous? Absolutely. But bowling is a great icebreaker nonetheless. And don’t worry about who wins or loses, competition is sexy either way. And without booze, both of your games will be all the more on point.
At Reawakenings Wellness Center, we work closely with each individual patient to teach them how to enjoy all of life’s experiences — dating included — without drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you know wants to learn more about leading a substance-free life, call RWC today.

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